Mamafeast Peanut Butter Crunchy 340G & Creamy 340G | Vegan | Rich In Fibre & Protein | Gluten-Free | Pack Of 680G

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Mamafeast Premium Peanut Butter Creamy + Crunchy Combo Pack of 2 X 340G| Non-GMO Vegan Organic Peanuts Spread Rich In Fibre Protein Gluten-Free |Net.wt. 680 Grams


About this item
Our Creamy Peanut Butter is made entirely of high-quality roasted peanuts, making it natural peanut butter. This peanuts butter includes proteins like Vitamin E, and other minerals like biotin, niacin, folate, copper, etc.

Peanuts(90%), sugar, hydrogenated soya bean oil, iodized salt, emulsifier (E471) Energy (Kcal): 625.7; Protein(g): 23.90; Carbohydrate(g): 21.23; Fat(g): 49.47; Trans Fat(g): 0.00; Dietary Fiber(g): 2.65; Sodium (mg): 239.55

This high-protein peanut butter serving helps to meet the body's protein requirements. Protein promotes muscular growth, heals tissue, and keeps you fuller for longer. Enjoy it as the ideal high protein spread.
Experience the delicious flavour of creamy high protein Peanut Butter. It combines flavour with creamy and healthy peanut butter to create a delicious munching experience.
Each serving of this nutritious peanut butter has a significant amount of dietary fibres, which can help you lose weight by improving your digestive health and satiation.
This unsweetened peanut butter has no trans fats or hydrogenated oils. To get the most out of peanut butter, avoid adding salt, sugar, or preservatives.

Vendor: NextG Apex India Private Limited
Type: Nut Butters
Pack Size: 680 Gm
Best Before: August 2023
Weight:  0.68 kg