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The world expects long-grain Basmati rice to be of the highest quality. Long grain Basmati rice, referred to as “the King of Rice,” is not your typical long grain of rice. For millennia, long-grain Basmati rice has been the staple of Indian cuisine. It is mostly farmed in the Himalayan region of the nation and is then matured for many months to develop the delicacy’s renowned flavor and aroma.

The king of rice, long grain Basmati rice

One of the reasons conquerors from all over the world came to India was to sample long grain Basmati rice, and when they did, some of them were so seduced by its unrivalled unique flavour that they chose to remain in India.

What is so special about long grain Basmati rice?

Basmati rice with long grains is well known for its flavour and aroma, as well as for the many nutritional and health advantages it offers. Because it is gluten-free and high in fibre, long-grain Basmati rice is excellent for anyone following any sort of diet. Long grain Basmati rice has a long history in the Indian Royal Heritage in addition to being rich in flavour and health advantages.

Indulge in taste as well as health

Why not? Basmati rice has long been linked with opulence and grandeur. After all, it is the king of rice! The name Basmati, which means “The Fragrant One,” perfectly describes this delectable food.

No simple grain of rice has ever come close to matching the unique scent of Basmati rice.

Underrated benefits of long grain Basmati rice

When compared to ordinary grain rice, long grain Basmati rice has numerous advantages that make it particularly remarkable. This is due to the fact that rice has several qualities that most people are not even aware of. Due to its numerous health advantages, long grain Basmati rice has been a favourite of royalty and the wealthy for generations.

  • Rice with long grains is good for those with allergies and diabetes.
  • Its glycaemic index is really low.
  • It has a lot of fibre, which is healthy for the digestive system.
  • All nine essential amino acids are present in long-grain Basmati rice.
  • Given that it regulates blood pressure, it is a wise choice for those with elevated blood pressure.

Premiums of the long grain rice Basmati rice

The rice’s feel and texture are also very different from ordinary rice. The rice stands out as the best in the market’s wide variety of rice because of its thin, long, and silky texture. There are several tastes and kinds of long-grain Basmati rice, some of which have grains as long as 25mm. When rice is being cooked, the various types emit a distinct aroma that may be detected from a distance. The only type of rice that is taken into consideration for traditional dishes like Biryani and many other Persian, Iranian, and Arabic cuisines is long grain Basmati rice. This is because long-grain Basmati rice has a delicate yet distinctive flavour and texture that no regular grain of rice can match.

Rice that is aged gracefully

Long grain Basmati rice is first aged for months to provide the taste that comes with ageing, in contrast to plain rice. Because of its superior flavour when cooked, long grain Basmati rice is sometimes referred to as the champagne and wine of rice. This is because the more matured the rice, the greater its flavour. Long grain Basmati rice, like a king, requires ongoing care and sustenance, and the greatest long grain Basmati rice may be grown with ongoing love and attention. For the rice to be produced to its maximum flavour and fragrance potential, precise climatic conditions and a specific type of land are required.

What makes long-grain Basmati rice different from other long-grain rice

  • What differentiates long grain Basmati rice from other rice is the aroma.
  • The long grain Basmati rice is of the best grain quality and texture
  • The long grain Basmati rice stays intact when cooking
  • The long-grain Basmati rice complements a variety of foods
  • The long-grain Basmati rice is a necessary component of traditional foods

Because it is so fragile to handle and is vulnerable to wind damage, rice has to be grown with a great deal of love and care. When compared to the usual attention and love given to the plain rice cultivated, the farmers who are farming long grain Basmati rice put in a lot more constant work.

A simple switch from regular rice to unpolished rice grain can make your meals full of nutrients. NatureFest’s rice grains are relatively low in calories, gluten-free and high in fiber that aids easy digestion that can leave you with more energy for the day. A delicious serving of health in every meal. The minimally processed long grain Basmati rice by Naturefest is the healthier rice your kitchen needs.

In order to experience the above-mentioned things about long grain Basmati rice, you can just go shopping and pick our Naturefest Premium Long Grain Basmati Rice 1121 and enjoy different varieties of rice dishes with your family.


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